In speculation 5G could be used as a drum to orchestrate a global army to reduce global population.

Europe is already well prepared for such manoeuvre by the continous installation of hundreds of thousands asylum seekers, many of them already showing aggressive behaviour towards local populations. This being proven by the heavy increase of rape, assault and robbery across Europe. They could probably be commanded through 5G to activate the global population reduction program.

Actually I might have noticed an early test of the technology the 31:st of May 2003 when a 50 year old man rammed several people with a car through the Old Town in Stockholm. The perpetrator said he was commanded by an inner voice and a vision from God, that commanded him to do the deed.

I myself was at a bachelors event the same morning and shared that same vision around 9 o´clock in the morning. I remember the vision clearly as it was a strange and horrifying moment when the vision crossed my mind.

In my mind I clearly saw a car ramming people in the narrow streets of the Old Town at the same time as I was sharing happy moments with my friends just a few hundred meters away at the top of Katarinavägen. I shrugged the vision off and remember that I stopped for a moment and wondered where that vision came from and then continued the celebration with my friends.

The day after me and my bachelor friends where in Oslo and one friend mentioned what had happened the previous day around noon in the Old Town, just hours after I had received and shared the vision of that event. Would I have been a religious man perhaps I would also have thought it to be a command from God.

Nevertheless, 5G is communicating partly in the same high frequency as our brains. It could theoretically be used to overwrite our brains own communication and implement or broadcast a vision directly into our minds. Several companies are developing and testing computer to brain interfaces and a few of them have communicated successful tests of the technology.

A vision directly broadcasted into our minds could by some people be interpreted as a command from God. Hence, if 5G is to be commanded by an organization with the intent to reduce the global population, it could be used to launch a global trojan horse and reduce the global population severely.


Links on global population reduction:



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