Erdogans plan to take over Europé.

A greek politician wrote me: We have already seen what the first wave of 1,5 million male refugees in 2015 has brought: a heavy increase of robbery, assault and rape throughout Europé.

A trojan horse of great measure. All of these young men, given the right by their religion to rape and assault anyone who is not a muslim.

But also a close study of our legal systems and ability to sustain order has been performed. And the result clearly shows it is close to zero.

The second wave of refugees now launched by Erdogans ”Open the Gates” plan, is a much larger one. A trojan of great magnitude. An army of 3,5 million men programmed and promised to be able to take whatever comes in their way.

Perhaps are we not so naive this time, even though a large part of our socialist leaders and populations still believe in the ridiculous lie of these men being refugees armed with tear gas and stun grenades.

They are nothing but a hungry and starved army well prepared and programmed for a hostile take over in the relaunch of the Ottoman Empire.

In the study of war one must say this plan to take advantage of our stupidity and lame socialist leadership is a great plan. History of war will label Erdogan on the same level as Hitler, but as a smarter leader when it comes to the preparation of war and the effective destabilization of our nations. It crave both patience and endurance, but soon his time will come.

If no one is there to stop him.

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